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ULTRA LIGHT suits - An instant succes    


STAND21 suit ST121, quality at affordable price.

FIA 8856-2000 homologated - 3 aramid layers - Aramid floating sleeves
Back stretchable panel - In-seams pockets
Personalize your suit with print or embroideries.
Ask your STAND21 professional advisor to suggest designs according
to your needs (get inspiration for your car's decor, your sponsors' logos placement, ...)

 STAND21 gloves & personalized gloves 

A technology developed together with the greatest racing drivers, constantly reworked and ergonomically refined.

Personalize your gloves
A Stand 21 signature.
You can order your gloves with FIA 8856-2000 certification in a vast array of colors, embroided with almost any graphics. They are produced using design technology, safety and comfort that have formed Stand 21's reputation for over 4 decades.


 STAND21 boots & personalized boots 

Racing car drivers are wearing today, shoes that have been since 1974, the product of  Stand 21's unique and specific knowledge in racing-shoe manufacturing.

Personalize your Boots
At the forefront of technology, made-to-measure comfort, offers the limitless possibilities of a successful design.
Stand 21's full customization, already available for helmets, suits and gloves, is now available for your racing shoes! Choose your colors, embroideries, custom technological options ... Please visit custom-shoes.s21.fr to design your own shoes online.